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good night. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome to the glenn beck program. i'm eric bolling. tonight, ann coulter on healthcare and the nuclear option and what that really means, and is the obama administration really drilling for oil off the coast of brazil and not here? and glenn talks with bill o'reilly. if you think this country is great but your liberty is being terrorizeed, stand up and follow me. eric: the healthcare debate is raging facing massive g.o.p. opposition. now, you hear people talk a lot about reconciliation and the nuclear option.
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when it comes to getting a bill passed, but beware of politicians speaking jargon. some of the words become more confusing. what does it really mean? joining me now is our guest, ann coulter, syndicated columnist and author of the best-selling book, "guilty." ann, thanks for coming on the program. we have been watching this interest r. thing go from, i don't know, a single-payer system to the government plan, the option, then to the co-ops, and now it comes to, hey, you know, this thing may be forced through with what we're calling a nuclear option. what does this really mean? >> if it's forced through under reconciliation, what it means is a massive republican victory in next year's congressional elections, repealing whatever they put through. i mean, i don't know if the democrats are going to do that. they could. that's why americans should pay attention to elections and be careful about putting a lot of democrats in office if they don't want socialism, because
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that's what the democrats are trying to push through here. if you said in your introjust now that they dropped the public option, well, they have a new name, co-ops, an as long as they have government control of medical care, you're not going to be able to buy it like you buy everything else, like you buy computers and milk and dog walking services an manicures, and we don't have a crisis in any of those things because we don't have massive government regulations over those things. let the free market operate and medical care will get better and costs will come down as the free market has historically proven to do in every possible arena of commerce. eric: so this latest nuclear option -- reconciliation equals nuclear option or are these two separate terms? >> i gather nuclear option is being used to describe reconciliation. i don't think reconciliation is appropriate here. it's generally -- i didn't work on budget issues when i
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worked in the senate. i worked on judicial issues, but as i recall, reconciliation has to do with the budget if you don't have a government shutdown. we're not going to have a government shutdown if we don't get socialist healthcare, but what it is a way of moving bills quickly through the senate where it is easy for the minority to hold things up with filibusters and so on. this would require only 51 votes, but i don't think there is an argument for doing that. i'm not really sure what's going on. i think it is good for obama to be attacked by his crazy left wing base. i don't think that's what his plan is, but in points of fact, this healthcare fight could end up saving his presidency the same way that healthcare fight, the gays in the military, are the assault weapon ban ended up saving bill clinton's presidency by leading to the first republican congress in 40 years. after his first two years in office and making a mess of of things all bill clinton did
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was sign a bile nuking the republican congress. thus, he spends the rest of his presidential run and the rest of his life bragging about welfare reform, something that he was dragging in kicking and screaming and bragged about cutting the deficit and cutting taxes, something that he was also dragged into kicking and screaming in to sign. he raised taxes. republicans cut taxes. his presidency was a success once the republican congress got a hold of it. if the democrats push through this socialist healthcare, which is vastly unpopular with americans, an i don't know how much they make fun of these town hall protestors an claim that it is astroturf, that is something that politicians are paid to know the difference, and they know these are their real constituents. eric: let's stay on that town hall issue, ann. the way i see it is this thing would have been pushed through if it weren't for the town halls so a darn good thing we have had some town halls, do you agree? >> oh, yes, and i hate to
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sound like bill o'reilly an glenn beck, but it was not the republicans here who stopped it. the elected republicans. it was the american people. i mean, i will say in defense of republicans, they wouldn't propose something this ridiculous, and as i mentioned in my column this week, even john mccain proposed during the campaign last year the only thing that needs to be done that would solve 90% of the problem is that is allow interstate commerce in health insurance. that's all you need to do to solve rationing. it is all pre-existing conditions. it is all people being able to carry insurance from when they lose their job or change states. that's all they need to be done and joe biden attacked him for that. the worst republicans are better than the best democrats. eric: let me show you a little bit of a democratic town hall. are remember this from sheila jackson lee? here she appears to be talking on her cell phone as a constituent was asking her a
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really important question during the town hall meeting. she said she was actually calling into a healthcare hotline to better help her constituents. i talked to, ann, and i talked to her about this incident. listen to this. >> i have not seen the tape. i think it might have been a little doctored, because i don't recall being on with her, but i will tell you that i was utilizing a hotline in order to be able to give the best information i could that has been set up to help us know line and verse, but more importantly, it wasn't a call that i took. it was a call that i specifically made to be helpful, and i was engaged. if you look at that tape, i'm told, i didn't see it, my hands were pointing out. i was engaged, not in the back room, not with my back turned. eric: i went on to i beg to differ with her being engaged, that maybe she was more engaged with her cell phone call. is this just the democrats being completely out of touch with the american people?
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>> it is the democrats being democrats, which is marie antoine antoinette government. i posted on my weeb site with the woman who was asking the question and the woman who was asking the question as representative lee was taking a cell phone call, that the representative kept taking phone calls and then giving a shoutout to a local commissioner and i want to say hello to municipal judge jones or whatever, so, yeah, you think it is bad in a town hall meeting, wait until you're trying to get your healthcare and dealing with government bureaucrats. eric: president obama today tried to reassure supporters that the public option is still on the table. take a listen. >> one of the options we talked about was a public option where there wouldn't be a profit motive involved t would be not for profit, and that public option would give you affordable health insurance. now, what we have said is we
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think that's a good idea, but we haven't said that that's the only aspect of health insurance. what she essentially said is that all these other insurance reforms are just as important as the public option. >> all right. a recent rasmussen poll shows that support among democrats dropped when the public option is taken out of the government plan. joining me now is former advisor to bill clinton and fox news contributor, doug shone. is this as bad as it seems to me for the democrats? >> i think it is getting that way, eric. obviously, i don't go as far as ann, but i do believe that support for the president is dropping. support for health reform is dropping. precisely for the reason that you can see on that videotape. at the end of the day, we're not quite clear what the president supports and what he doesn't support. eric: i'm going to stop you right herement i remember when he was campaigning, even after he was elected, even after the stimulus program, he said, look, it is imperative that
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the public government option be included. it was essential, and now it is becoming he prefers it. where is it? i'm confused? >> i'm confused, too. over the weekend, it was gone. it was back. it was never off the table, and today it is part of it, but not an essential element, and there are other core principles. as it happens, eric, the polls dropped because the american people don't know what he supports and democrats who are committed to the public option are getting nervous as well as the republicans oppose it. eric: what happens if they use this nuclear option and pow pour something through the senate and then in 2010 comes along and people say, hey, 65, 70% of us were against any sort of reform bill, what happens in 2010? >> i think it would be a very bad year for the democrats. americans don't want the or wellian-ly named public
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option. all taxpayers have to pay for it, and for a while, they were changing the name to the co-op, which would also be government sub sidization and fox news has demonstrated by interviewing the likes of barney frank that the public option is the camel's nose in the tint. this is how they plan to drive out all private options in the market. obama compared the public option to like the post office, which, a, we don't think of as being particularly efficient. he was trying to make the point that you still have fedex and u.p.s. competing with the post office, but what you don't know is that there is a law prohibiting competition with the post office. there are narrow exceptions carved out for fedex and u.p.s. i have links to that on my web page, the law, the federal law prohibiting competition with the post office. if that's from the horse's mouth the public option is going to be like the post
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office, so will there be a law prohibiting competition with the government's option? eric: the post office is $10 billion in debt this year. thats was a major flub on his part, i think, and he should never have compared his bill to a failing government-sponsored enterprise. >> i agree with that. part of the problem, eric, is because the idea of the public option and how it is going to work has not been well thought out, he has been grasping at straws. what the president needs to do is get a deal. he needs to get democratic con consensus and get agreement around the principles he talked about today, which is reducing costs, competition, incrementally covering the uninsured, and making sure that pre-existing conditions and portability are in place. if you can do that and get consensus, he can avoid the problems that ann was talking about. right now, we're heading in the wrong direction. eric: ann, what is the most
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important thing if you get any of the are republican or g.o.p. onboard for this bill? is it tort reform or what dog talked about, portability and pre-existing conditions? >> i totally agree with what doug just said. the fundamental problem is that there is no example in history of what the democrats want to do, to get portability and pre-existing conditions, et cetera. the way you do that is lift the government regulations that are creating a partial monopoly. the democrats refuse to understand that. there is something genetic with them. they don't understand the free market. you can solve 90% of the healthcare problems in this country with a two-sentence bill allowing interstate commerce in health insurance and that way the price of health insurance will go down. eric: i agree with you 100%, interstate congress commerce and tort reform. many people point to
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massachusetts has the model system for healthcare. glenn breaks down mass-care in a nutshell. glenn: for years, progressives have pointed to massachusetts as the success story when it comes to universal healthcare, but is the three-year-old plan, crafted by democratic lawmakers and republican mitt romney really such a success? well, only 2.6% of the state residents are uninsured, 1/6th of the national average and by far the lowest rate in any state, the plan is far from the beacon of hope its proponents make it out to be. government and industry officials say the plan is unsustainable. public physicians for national health programs released a report earlier this year calling it flawed due to its cost, lack of access to care, and the remaining number of uninsured. they said, quote, the reform has not reduced healthcare costs in the state and has proven far costlier than expected, end quote.
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meanwhile a morningstar stock analyst says "without higher premiums or more public funding, it's not now a great model for the entire country." massachusetts is now spending $595 million more on health insurance than it did in 2006, up 42%. so how will massachusetts pay for the total $1.3 billion of healthcare this year? one suggestion -- increasing the tobacco tax. what a remarkably healthy idea, and that is mass-care in a nutshell. eric: breaking news. moments ago on the government's cash for clunkers program, the secretary of transportation just announced the program will end monday at 8:00 p.m. that's right, four days from now. ray lahood said it's been a quote, thrill, to be part of the best economic news story in america." that's interesting, because a lot of auto dealers don't share that sentiment.
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they're out millions waiting for the rebates on cars they have already sold under the program. two are joining me now. matt luzio from flemington, new jersey and job puglisi, part of the samsung auto group that operates more than a dozen dealerships in new jersey. thanks for coming up. you are both out of a lot of money. matt, how much are you waiting for the government to send you? >> close to $600,000. eric: representing how many cars? >> 130. eric: how about you? >> 300,000 dollars and about 150 cars. eric: the program says they're supposed to send you back that money within ten days, right? you have already been paid? >> we have been paid on three cars. >> we have been paid on no cars. eric: a total of three have been paid. are you nervous? >> yes. eric: what are you nervous about? what could possibly go wrong?
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>> we're nervous that we're sitting on an outlay of cash that's not in our business. it is difficult to manage the business without that kind of cash, and we have, again, of 130 transactions, 25 are rejected, and over 100 are under review. some have been under review for over 30 weeks. eric: i have a good friend who is a dealer in new jersey. he said, look, i sent a bunch of documents in. apparently it a large document you have to send in and if you have one digit wrong or one letter wrong, they're going to kick it back to you f there's more than two or three misstakeses on an application, they won't tell you what is wrong and you have to do the whole application again, correct? >> that's correct. we have been out more than 20 days, so it's the same with you, so it's not 10 days, but more than 20 days. we have only received minimal rejections and they are simple, because they couldn't read the driver's license because it was too dark. no problem. we sent it back.
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it's interesting. that was done 15 days ago, well, where's the money? eric: if you don't mind, i brought these out here. this represents -- where is my camera. ok. this is cash for clunkers. ready for this? this is a government program. here is cash for clunkers. hold that for me. >> sure. eric: here is national healthcare, you guys. that's the size -- if government can't figure out how to get $600,000 back to you in ten days, 20 days or 30 days, and $1 million to you, how in the world can we do something like this? we'll leave that out there for a little bit. has anyone contacted you to say the check is in the mail? >> no, under than the "under review" claims. we have three that were paid on, which were great because we had been out close to three weeks. the "under review," we're waiting. some more than 20 days. oip are you going to sell any
5:18 pm
more under cash for clunkers? >> we have some cars incoming over the next few days but we discussed it before i left to come here today and we we were going to get out of the program next week. eric: john, are your salesmen still offering $4,500 for cash for clunkers this weekend? >> yes, but given the announcement they made, we will close it down. eric: there is no concern on your part that you will get your check? >> i guess it is always a concern. it is a concern that we get the paperwork right. we think we are doing it right. we have added three full-time staff members to do this. eric: remember, folks, cash for clunkers program, and that's national healthcare. they're out of their mind if they think they will get this right. next, the obama administration is supposed to -- is opposed to offshore drilling. now, they're reportingly financing offshore oil
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exploration after all, just not here. you won't believe where, and who we're loaning billions of dollars to, next. @
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eric: here's something that will make blood shoot right out of your eyes. "the wall street journal" reports that the obama administration will offer billions to brazil for offshore oil exploration in brazil. your tax dollars going to brazil for drilling that could be done here in the u.s. last yearer, obama called offshore drilling, quote, a gimmick. does he have an handle on how to solve the energy crisis? we have dave here from the
5:23 pm
energy foundation and i want to tell you, first of all, thanks for being here. can you imagine if george w. bush loaned $2 billion to a brazilian oil company in the middle of a recession? people would be up in arms. what is he doing? >> right. what is he doing? what is going on in d.c. right now? we're lending billions of dollars to a state oil company when we have private oil companies in the u.s. dying to get access to our own oil in our own offshore reserves. it's crazy. eric: so we're going to loan $2 billion -- i think i have a full screen up here. i asked them to put together a full screen. here's who we are loaning $2 billion to, the brazilian oil company, market value of $188 billion, $120 billion in sales , and get this one, the 7th most profitable company in the world making over $18 billion last year, and by the way, just as a little side footnote, earlier this year, they signed a deal with china
5:24 pm
to sell up to 58 million barrels a year to china. why do they need our $2 billion? don't we need it here? >> yeah, we could use it here. it is being silly all the way around. we're giving money from the taxpayers who are trying to fill up their minivans so that we can help a left of center government in brazil avoid using equity from private sources? it's silly. maybe we're putting -- helping billionaires top off their bank accounts but we should be helping minivan drivers fill up their gas tanks. eric: we found out the largest holding of george soros, the billionaire, who is a big backer of the obama administration, his largest holding in his hedge fund was in fact, petrobras. >> at least one american is getting something out of the deal but he is not my first choice of the person who needs help. eric: we went back to the campaign when obama said he
5:25 pm
had some ideas on how to solve the energy crisis. if i can grab that, guys. >> the think you can do individually to save energy, making sure your tires are properly inflated, simple things, but we could save oil the oil that they're talking about getting off drilling if everybody was just inflating their tires, and getting regular tuneups. you can actually save just as much. eric: i'm really holding back the laughter right now. i don't mean to laugh at the president of the united states, but -- >> i'm with ya. eric: we're going to solve our energy crisis by filling up and inflating our tires what. about it? >> it seems like it ised forker for the late-night talk shows. we get back to the basic problem. if they think i drilling off the shore of brazil is a good idea, if so, i'm with them on it, but i don't think we should finance it.
5:26 pm
it would be a mch better idea to drill offshore in our own waters where we get the revenue. the government doesn't have to pay money. they don't have to lend it to anybody. they get royalty revenues from our own oil company creating our own jobs here in the u.s. they have completely given away their argument for any opposition to domestic proposition of oil. i'm in favor of that but it's silly the way they did it. eric: david, let's say they discover more oil with our $2 billion loan, they're just going to sell it to us anyway at market prices, right? >> we would hope they would sell some of it to us, but with cap and trade, maybe we won't be able to use it, so we might be paying them to develop oil fields to sell it to other countries. who knows? eric: we called sarah palin's office and asked her for a comment on this, and here she directed us to her facebook website and it says, quote, buy american is a wonderful slogan but you can't say in one breath what you want to do
5:27 pm
to strengthen our economy and stimulate it and then in another ship our much-needed dollars to a nation desperate to drill while depriving us of the same opportunity." would you care to comment on that? >> i think she's right. i also think you don't have to be lending money to oil companies right now. they're floating in money. that's the first part that doesn't make sense to me. then you're lending it to the state, the country of brazil. that also seems silly, so it is silly at a bunch of different levels and and doesn't fit in with buy american, whether you like that or not. eric: david, thank you for joining the program. >> thanks for having me. eric: next, what both dems an g.o.p.-ers could do to stop the slide in both parties popularity. advice from the man who knows, words that work, frank luntz. n
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>> i'm patti ann browne, the only man convicted in the 1988 murders of the 200 people in the skies over lockerbie scotland is now a free man on the ground. family members of the victims are vickened by his release. he got a warm welcoming in his native libya earlier today. the >> coming up, the p president blames republicans for creating a possibility of going alone on healthcare reform, plus where will the
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gitmo detainees go? "special report" is at the top of the hour. now back to the glenn beck show. eric: what advice would you give the president right now in how to run the country? stop pushing healthcare reform? frank luntz just took the pulse of america. he joins us now. he is the author of "what america really wants, really." sorry about that, pal. what would you find? what would america tell the president regarding healthcare reform? >> well, we've got a very divided country right now. republicans are clearly hostile. democrats are clearly embracing. we invited 29 people to come to fox studios in new york and give their unvarnished point of view. let's listen to what they had to say when they talked about barack obama and what he should do. what would you say to barack obama right now if he were standing here? >> keep your campaign
5:35 pm
promises. >> speak with what you are doing and the people will eventually follow you. >> listen to the opposition. we're not always wrong. >> stop demonizing those who disagree with you with reason. >> stay focused and concentrate on every american. >> recognize we are not venezuela or a cuba and give it up. >> reread the constitution. >> leave the beer summit photo ops alone and follow through on something. >> stop saying what everyone wants to hear. >> stop beating up wall street. >> eric: stop beating up wall street! whoa! how did she get in there? >> also, the jump back down. there is a stylistic focus to what people are saying to barack obama. it is not just about policy. it really is about politics and how to communicate. what they're saying to him if you're a democrat is don't let the republicans push you around, and if you're a republican, start following what the voters think, and if
5:36 pm
you're an independent, you're really torn, really stuck in the middle. now, we also asked that same question of the american people at our town hall, what should the republicans do, an hear it was just as graphic. let's listen. >> grow up and update your message so possibly we could have a legitimate opposition party. >> tax cut is not the answer to every question. >> remember the contract with america? remember the reagan revolution refocus, regroup an relaunch. >> keep your message focused and continue to be the loyal opposition. >> hire some passionate young volunteer attorneys. fight voter fraud. fight acorn fraud, and maybe we can win another election. eric: was age a big issue with these people? >> it was less about age, and barack obama does relate to people in their 20's and he does have a distance from these people in their 60's and 70's. what is more important is your ideology. that is not a surprise. what to me is a surprise and
5:37 pm
we will play one more clip for you, is just how controversial this cash for clunkers really is. when i started to ask these people about government spending and about the bailouts, one person raised the cash for clunkers and the place went nuts. let's take a look. >> he is trying to do something to resolve the problem that the republicans left behind. this cash for clunkers now has been fantastic. car sales have gone up like crazy, and everybody says it's terrible. >> it's terrible! >> four days it was over! >> they sold cars, though! eric: stop, stop! all right. i didn't know how long you were going to run the clip for. are any of these ideasing going to turn around their popularity? >> look, the american people are asking for answers, and
5:38 pm
they have a lot of questions about healthcare, a lot of questions about government spending and want specific answers. these politicians cancelling town hall meetings on both sides are making a big mistake. if they can't be held accountable by the american people today, they will be thrown out of office in 13 months. eric: that's november 2, 2010, the first tuesday in november. i agree 100%. frank, i don't know if you can see us, but here is cash for clunkers. i'm holding up pennies, and i have about 1, 500 pennies. that's national healthcare. they were wild about cash for clunkers, too, right? >> they were riled up because they feel it is an unfair program. theyel think that it's a government boondoggle and they believe that so much of this bailout is still going to other people, going to other corporations and it's not helping them. there's one polling number that i want to leave you with. more americans are afraid of losing their jobs now than at any time since they started
5:39 pm
asking this question in 1947, so as much as the administration says that this country has turned the corner, but the published polls are telling us that americans are as afraid if not more so now than they have ever been. eric: frank luntz' author of "what americans really want, really." i got it right that time. thanks a although lot. coming up, the story of one marine's triumph despite near tragedy. sfx: coin drop, can shaking
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glenn: how far would you go to honor your friends? keith zire served in iraq when an ied cut short his military career. doctors told him he would have to use a cane for the rest of his life. he was determined he wouldn't do it. not only did he learn to walk again on his own, but he just completed 100-mile marathon in over 30 hours where he raised $50,000 for special operations warrior foundation, a great foundation. with he me now is keith zire. keith, thank you for your service, sir. >> thank you very much. >> tell me what happened. tell me about your injurys? >> my injury on july 17, 2006, my vehicle was struck by an ied, and i was in the turret and shrapnel ripped through the muscles in my left leg and i suffered a head injury. i had three surgeries in iraq to stabilize me, and then i i left iraq to go to germany and spent a few months then in bethesda naval hospital where my leg got infected and i got
5:44 pm
another surgery. glenn: now you don't have any feeling in your leg? >> no, no feeling in my leg from me knee to hip at all. glenn: you had severe brain trauma or traumatic -- >> yeah, i suffered a traumatic brain injury, also, with some hearing loss in both ears. glenn: first of all, thank you for everything. >> thank you very much. glenn: i know there are a lot of people like you. when you went out and they told you that you were going to walk with a cane for the rest of your life, what was it in you that made you say no? >> just my whole life, i have never, like, quit at anything. i was always one to push myself, and, you know, i was kind of taking the whole thing with a grain of salt. they were like expect that you won't, but to me, i'm going to push as far as i can, so through the recovery process, i just kept going on.
5:45 pm
glenn: how grueling was the marathon? >> the marathon itself was really bad. just training for it, i'm still on heavy doses of narcotics for the pain, so, like, from that, and a combination of training up in brooklyn, new york, and going down to key west where it is 95 and humid, i threw up for a lot of the race. i couldn't eat for, like, about 45 of the miles and at mile 75, i had to get an environment because i lost so much fluid. after that, hi 25 miles to go, and i was like i'm not going to the hospital. they wanted to take me, and i said i would drop dead before i quit this race. glenn: that stuck out to me that at mile 75, you were, like, they gave you an i.v. and said you were going to the hospital and you said over my dead body. >> yeah, i said i would drop dead first. glenn: tell me about the warrior fund. >> the war yar foundation provides college grants for
5:46 pm
children of personnel who died in fight and assistance at their bedside. it is a great foundation. glenn: america, let me tell you something, i know the people involved in this, and what's really sad, if i'm not mistaken, most of the foundation funds come from the military itself, the guys who are making squat, the guys like keith that have just been in the military and said you know what, i got to help out. it would be great to be able to fully fund this without any of the guys who actually did all the work, having to put in their own money, but it's a great opportunity to help actually support. you know, everybody says oh, i support our troops. this is a way to actually support our troops. tell me about this thing that we're doing with the fox nation. >> yes, the fox nation was generous enough to put 5% of each procedures from a t-shirt, hat, all the merchandise that sold on fox
5:47 pm
nation, and those proceeds will go directly to the special operations warrior foundation. glenn: if you need incentive other than doing the right thing, go to fox, and buy anything on the site. that's great. keith, thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. %%%%%
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eric: you know an love them both. recently glenn beck sat down with bill riley and talked about his move to fox news and his philosophy about this show and life. check it out. glenn: you're wildcatter, that's who you are. you're a favre rick. >> when you were on cnn headline news, were you before nancy grace? glenn: yeah. this is the part of the show
5:51 pm
where we usually expose how the media isn't telling you the truth, but tonight i'm going to shift gears an expose someone else who is lying to you. >> you weren't as flamboyant, and that's a kind word, as you are now on fox news. glenn: this is kind of like a bad biology class. i'd like to give $108 billion to the i.r.s. >> why? glenn: do you know what a pie rye ya i was? >> did they hate you over there? glenn: the management was good to me but the pit of despair was in the newsroom. >> you would walk through the newsroom and they hated you? >> one of the journalists looked up and went ughh. >> they do that here. to me. maybe it's just you. >> she said you expect it and i said i do. it's that sad. >> did that inhibit you that you weren't as flamboyant over there
5:52 pm
because of these pinheads mocking you? >> i think the reason i wasn't as flamboyant -- i think i'm the same person. >> you were much more low-key over there. a full moon came out when you got fox. glenn: maybe that's god's way of sorting out the stupid people. the car companies that have been making crap boxes since 1955. >> something about live television does it to you. glenn: i don't care about anything. i just want my guy to win! president obama looked at all that he created and said it is very good, so he declared the 7 months a month of rest. what are you doing? dabbing with your cloth? >> when it's live and the camera comes on -- glenn: then i just before a showman! i got to be on time every day at 5:00! i think we start with dessert,
5:53 pm
something yummy. >> then the moon comes out and you're a werewolf. glenn: i don't think that's compliment. >> when you go on, and you do your thing, there is an equal part serious and there is an equal part fear. some people use that against you. how has your life changed since you came to fox news? >> a lot more security. >> a lot more threats? glenn: oh, yeah. >> but nobody watched cnn headline, and i'm not saying that disparagingly. glenn: no, he says that with all the love in his heart. >> you have six times more viewers. glenn: i think we have entered a time where america is just on edge, an -- >> absolutely. glenn: there are people on the right that hate me, people on the left that hate me and this just magnifies it. >> does that weigh on you personally?
5:54 pm
glenn: yeah, it does. i think people think that i'm just -- oh, he's just a silly clown or whatever. you've got to watch this show or your children may be killed by clowns eating them to death in giant clown shoes! i'm a genuine hadly thoughtful person and package things in an entertaining way. are you so afraid of the republicans that you have to invent voters? >> on the air, you're a good personality. off the air, you're a little boring. glenn: i think this is a hostile atmosphere. >> no, it's not. come on, we're your friends here. glenn: this is my friend? the security stuff is tough. >> the threats are tough. anything else? >> do you have a problem walking down the streets of new york? >> no, because i'm a new yorker. glenn: really? >> they know i'm born and raised here, and some people don't like me but they're oh, o'reilly! glenn: i find myself -- i want
5:55 pm
to hug the people that recognize me. >> you're from utah, right? >> close, seattle. >> same thing, seattle, iowa, that's what a new yorker would say. we're across the river, i don't know. it gets blurry over there. >> so they give you a hard time in new york? glenn: half. half of them are just great. >> what do they yell? you got a funny haircut or what? >> some of them will walk by and say, oh, my gosh, that just killed me here! i'm halfway down the block and still running. >> you can be arrested here. glenn: we don't want to have to do that. >> glenn beck, everybody, he is our pal no, matter what we say, we love him. eric: you can catch glenn on the o'reilly factor every tuesday night. we'll be right back.
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